Hot Air Balloon

Hot air ballooning in Manali gives you very elating and unforgettable experience. Hot air ballooning is a relatively new adventure activity in Manali, Hot air ballooning in Manali is latest trend thatís gaining interest between visitors, specially newly weds and kids. Itís a thrilling way to experience Manali and get a different perspective of the country.

Imagine having a calm and peaceful view of Indiaís breathtaking scenery from a quiet place high above the crowds. Hot air ballooning isnít as scary as you may imagine either. It actually feels like youíre as light as a feather as you float though the sky. Hot air ballooning is the most loved sport these days and is rapidly gaining grounds. It is an enthralling episode. You are taken to the great heights when the dawn turns into morning and before dusk hits the evening. It is done because these periods are the calmest ones in a day and provide uninterrupted and safer ride. You feel yourself to be a bird without wings.

  • We arrange safe ballooning for groups at Manali for individual groups, couples and adventure lovers.

Season for Hot Air Ballooning in Manali

It is from October to December & May to July. The flights of hot air balloon are given early in the morning and in the evening before getting dark. The coldness of the atmosphere helps the balloon to go up to greater heights and float in the air for longer duration and to the possible highest points. When the direction is changed, you understand as you feel the breeze altering its way. You get a vast view of the valleys beneath, the flow of rivers and streams, dense forests and the milky white snow covered peaks and the mist surrounding all of these. The panoramic view you get from the joy ride in the hot air balloon takes you on top of the world. So just, Book your Hot Air Ballooning Rides with us.