The fastest and the most fascinating winter sports is a thrill that enthralls the mind and body. With our seasoned instructors, Skiing experience in the powdered snow covered slopes of the majestic Himalayas, is truly a memory of a life time.

Experienced or first-timers, it is always the same feeling of excitement and thrill for a skier. In fact, the slopes around Manali have rated to be the best in the world for Helisking. Equipped with best skiing gears available and guided by our team of instructors, even for beginners it becomes a lucid affair. TheSolangValley, Patalsu, Kothi, Marhi and Rohtang slopes are very good for skiing in the winters as well as in summers. Among them Patalsu and Rohtang slopes are the only places where one can do summer skiing. The slopes are being further developed to accommodate more trainees and tourists.